January 2022

AMA answers – January 24.


Q1. What is DIABOLO? What made you decide to launch DIABOLO? What is the vision and mission?

Diabolo is going to be the first network of white label and cross-market social trading platforms. 

We want to make it easy for everyone to invest. To do this, we are creating a network of connections between successful traders and investors. 

The project is the result of the meeting of several enthusiasts of the ecosystem, experienced traders and is driven by values of fairness and transparency.

Q2. Why DIABOLO? What are the problems/pain points that DIABOLO wants to solve?

Diabolo will allow anyone to create a customized social trading platform through a drag and drop system. Centralized crypto-currency exchanges and traditional financial brokers will be available.

For investors, it will be possible to connect any crypto currency exchange or traditional finance account to be able to track and replicate Trader’s movements, strategy, etc. with a few clicks. The funds will always remain in the users’ accounts and nothing will pass through the Diabolo platform and its network. Always more security.

Q3. Can you please give a brief introduction of DIABOLO’s main product?

A few clicks is all it will take for our users to connect their portfolio with that of a trader or a strategy. Users only pay on the profits they make. No profits, nothing to pay! 

The beta version available only in France has already attracted more than 13,000 users without a paid marketing campaign.

The team is now looking to the European market and will launch the V1 version of the platform in the days following the listings.

Q4. Which market for DIABOLO? What are the development possibilities?

The potential is incredible. Diabolo is not just a platform for connecting traders and traditional investors, it is a revolution that will allow any trader to have their own platform without having to code a single line. Diabolo is like the Wix.com or Uber of copytrading. 

Each new white label platform created is a new weapon for the Diabolo ecosystem. It’s a spider’s web. Traders focus on trading and we take care of the technical side.

Q5. Can you tell us about DIABOLO’s tokenomics {DCASH} regarding total token supply and allocated tokens? What are the use cases for iBG tokens in the ecosystem?

The tokenomics is excellent, there are only 1’100’000 DCASH at launch. The IMC is lower than 180k! 

The total supply is 30’000’000 DCASH

The DCASH will be used for the following actions:

Fee Payment: The main utility of the token is to pay the fees related to the performance of Copytrading.

Collateral: To increase their confidence score, traders can collateralize their positions with tokens.

Dtickets creation: Users have the possibility to burn tokens to create NFTs giving them advantages in the ecosystem. For example discounts.

Staking: ecosystem native token staking protocol

Voting: voting proposals for ecosystem milestones

Q6. Please inform us about the roadmap of DIABOLO? What is DIABOLO’s strategic plan for the future?

Diabolo plans to launch its version 1 in Q1 2022. Many partnerships are planned.

The integration of an intelligent monitoring system for several strategies.

The implementation of a mirror portfolio to copy decentralized portfolios on an Exchange.

White label kits.

And a mobile application planned in the next few months to foster mainstream adoption of the Diabolo ecosystem.

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