November 2021

Diabolo Social Reward Engine


Multiplier count between 0 and 50 followers = x0.5
Between 50 and 1000 followers = X1
> 1000 followers = X2
> 2000 followers = X2.5
> 3000 followers = X3
> 4000 followers = X3.5
One more screen to win with a random draw among people with more than 1000 points.

Every month, Diabolo will give prizes to the accounts with which it has the most interactions: retweet, like, comment.

Participation for the challenge here :

The prize for November is a Curved screen.

The prize for December is a gaming chair

The prize for January is a real Bitcoin gold


Connect your twitter

Winner 1 : the one who has the most points wins the prize of the month
Winner 2 for November : 1 person with more than 1000 points will be drawn and will win a screen

Announcement of the winners on 22 December

Airdrop -> create an account on diabolo, and the tokens will be available on the claim page from 20/12

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