November 2021

Why do futures offer consistent performance?


Performance of the Gabx trader on Binance Spot
Performance of the Gabx trader on Binance Futures

Be less dependent on the market !

We observe a greater regularity in futures. The trader can indeed position himself in both buy and sell positions.

How to create a binance Futures account?

AIn order to create your Binance Futures account, you must log in to your Binance account. If you do not have one yet, please register on the site.

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Once in your Binance account, move your mouse over the “Portfolio” tab at the top right of the interface and select “Futures Portfolio”.

Then click on the “Open Now” tab.

Your futures trading account is activated. To use the Binance Futures interface, you need to have cryptos in your account. To do this, press the “Transfer” tab in the top right hand corner, to transfer money from Binance Spot, to your Futures wallet.

In this way you can transfer USDT for example from your “SPOT” account to your “FUTURES” account.

Analysis of the Binance Futures trading interface

Although the trading interface is quite similar to Spot, new options and features are available.

For the example, we will choose the perpetual contract “BTCUSDT” (Bitcoin / USDT). Here is a detailed analysis of the information on the trading interface.

The benchmark price is used to calculate your NPL and margin.
The index allows you to analyse the spot market price live.
The funding rate shows the fee you will have to pay at the end of each timer.
The 24-hour variation represents the price evolution that the Bitcoin has made (in our case).
Finally, the 24-hour volume in Bitcoin (BTC) and USDT is displayed.

The right hand side of the interface is mainly used to place an order, select the margin mode, and the leverage you wish to apply.

Not to mention the chart, which represents the price of the futures contract you choose, located in the middle of the interface. To the right of the chart is the order book, which displays real-time buy and sell orders for the futures/crypto contract in question.

Cross Margin: This option uses all the funds that are available in your Binance Futures account. In the event of a liquidation, the entire balance available in your futures portfolio is used to avoid closing your position.

Isolated margin: This is the option used by most users on trading platforms. It allows you to manage each of your positions independently

Leverage: this is a mechanism for amplifying the trader’s investment capacity. For both buying and selling, leverage makes it possible to make larger trades, the amounts of which can exceed the money tied up in the trading account. Ranging from x5 to x150 depending on the pairs chosen.

How do I place an order on Binance Futures?

Unlike the Spot market, you have several types of positions:

Long : Bet on the rise
Short: Bet on the downside

First, choose the contract you want to invest in. For the example, we will choose the “BTCUSDT” Perpetual contract (Bitcoin / USDT).

After that, select the margin mode and your leverage. In our case, we choose the isolated mode and a leverage of x5.


Binance Futures is an effective way for advanced traders to make money. Indeed, futures contracts offer many trading tools to their users, such as leverage. On top of that, a detailed and intuitive interface is available on the platform.

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