December 2021

Trading Team Strategy



The trading team met this morning (4 December 2021) to review the significance of the overnight decline and the strategy to be adopted as a result.

We noted the following points:
∞ the overnight decline was not caused by a new
∞ the movement was fuelled by numerous liquidations
∞ volumes remained low
∞ Ether continued to outperform Bitcoin, an environment favourable to Alts
∞ the uptrend remains valid as long as the market remains above its September 21 low
∞ losses on some portfolios remain below 35%.
∞ traders can still add some stocks to their portfolios

Consequently, it was decided to:
∞ keep the few liquid tokens in which traders believe
∞ sell off one or two positions that are deemed to be of little interest
∞ work actively on the rebound with two or three stocks in order to free up some PL
∞ remain very vigilant as long as drawdowns are not back below 15%.

Our strategy is valid only if the low of September 21, and to a lesser extent the low of tonight, remains intact. Below that, the validity of the uptrend is seriously questioned.

We thank our followers for their confidence in our work and risk management. Our goal is to end December and the year on a positive note.

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