December 2021

Fundraising raises 1,5 million USD


Diabolo, the French social trading platform that aims to provide white label and cross-market social trading platforms, has raised $1.5 million in its first strategic funding round.

The round includes participation from Dutch Crypto Investors, MEXC, Coinmuhendisim and BCA investments. Diabolo’s current investors also include other exchange partners and other investors to be announced in the coming days.

Diabolo is the first to launch a white label, multi-market social exchange product. The platform currently in BETA already has over 13,000 registrants and processes over $10 million in crypto-currencies per month. The platform will be available in V1 in Q1 2022, just after the first listing of its $DCASH token.

With this new round of funding, Diabolo will expand its current product line to include DeFi address copy trading services, low-cost NFTs, traditional finance brokers, white label development kits and more.

“The white label development kit market is a huge untapped alternative in the industry. On traditional platforms, traders are in constant competition and can’t offer their community a unique experience around their image, colour, etc.”
Diabolo plans to work closely with them to bring the product to maturity.

Diabolo will now focus on securing post-launch integrations and partnerships. It will continue to work with ecosystem builders and help with integration with crypto-currency and traditional finance players. In the coming months, Diabolo may even roll out a governance module with a milestone mechanism to better align token holders on partner selection.

About Diabolo
Diabolo is a white-label cross-market social trading platform designed to offer a full range of services to traders and investors wishing to connect in a secure, transparent and fairly priced environment. The Diabolo Group provides and will continue to provide trading and engineering expertise to external companies in line with its vision and values. The $DCASH token will be listed in the first quarter of 2022.

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